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Maximum job capacity - good return on investments:

In wedding season you have huge work to do, so you are traced and bound to outsource jobs and spent money. In FX7 you just capture only clips for boy/girl/couple for 40sec each. and more then 500+ projects are ready to use. Open any song project, Relink your own footage and convert it to DVD or VCD. Create portrait songs as easy as 1-2-3.
In UltraFX7 we not only provide you only portrait songs.. but readymade Highlights, Titles and off course Full Editing projects for 1 and 2 hour, so you can fulfill your needs with it. 
UltraFX series updates new projects, 3D real-time effects, Graphical animation, alpha videos every season in a minimal price.
In a word it is Money Making Concept with a very low investment.


Easy & simple to work


To works with it, you don’t have to remember critical issues, environments etc. Only three steps to complete your projects. Capture portrait>Open Projects>Convert to DVD/VCD. 



Simple Use To 3D Effectsundefined

Simple Use To Ultra Fx 3D Effects.Open XPLODE 3D Objects And Selects Presets Load.


Bundled with:

UltraFX7 works with Edius 5.50 & 6.01 & AfterEffect CS4
You can get UltraFX7 with Safenet Hasp Dongle.
Edius NX card. You can update your old Canopus NLE hardware to UltraFX7 package to get maximum work flow in it.


UltraFX7 contents:
800 GB data with Motion, Animation, Background, Alpha
Huge real time 3D Effects
500+ ready made projects : Portrait Songs, Highlights, Titles, Full Mixing
Supplied USB protection key to work.

 AVCS FX7MagicKey32bit.exe

AVCS FX7MagicKey64bit.exe

AVCS Ultra FX7  For Contacts:

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